After a decade of mixing in major clubs, Rémy Disch, aka Magnesium, became a composer and producer, developing his own music based on electro beats, sound experimentation, field recording and analog materials.

Magnesium seeks, experiments, improvises and writes his music to create sound poetry.

This ambition was confirmed when he created his first musical show in 1998, «Le songe de l’arbre vert», a blend of samples and field recording for contemporary dance.

Recognized for his universe and his reflections on Human, Magnesium has been called upon to compose the soundtracks of documentary films for French television, and some of his pieces have been used in feature films.

Convinced that art federates and transcends humans, in 2005 he founded the artistic collective «Les Z». Surrounded by brilliant artists, he created the project 60.Secondes, a series of time clips broadcasted on Arte TV, the philosophical tale «L’étrange histoire du petit homme» in collaboration with illustrator Lorène Soudier, and the urban fable Dreamland, a series of short films with cinematic resonance.

These projects testify to his ability to question the world.

Today, Magnesium continues to explore and grow. He creates, poetizes, observes and immerses himself in order to retranscribe and tell stories that question Reality and our reality.

In 2022, he reissued his album «Un rêve en trois dimensions» with BMG.

In search of silence, he leaves Paris and isolates himself for over a year in the middle of the Brocéliande forest in Brittany, where he composes his 7th album, «LAOZI», an introspective album questioning Human’s place in nature.

In September 2023, Magnesium will release its 8th album: 2023, Human Rising.